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Embrace and harness your wild side by studying judo. You'll sharpen your mind and strengthen your body with this thrilling style of martial arts. Learn how to make a would-be attacker beg for mercy without throwing a punch or simply learn how strong and cunning you truly are. Come try this remarkable sport, it's perfect for all ages.

Sessions happen on Monday and Wednesday nights. The environment is one of respect and support -- we welcome all!

  • 6:30-7:30pm Kano Club (5 to 8 years old)
  • 7:30-8:30pm Juniors (8 to 16 years old)
  • 8:30-10pm Seniors (16 years and up)

Fee: £2.50 per session

Classes are offered on a drop-in basis

A Sport for Everybody

Young and old, male and female can practice the art of judo. What makes it unique is the sport is learned and practiced at full intensity. Judokas -- people who practice judo -- do not need to use pads, light contact or low speed to perform intricate moves safely.

The first technique you learn is how to fall safely - which lays the foundation for this spirited discipline. In addition, you will be able to apply your new skill to other sports immediately. Knowing how to fall can also help you survive accident and incident.

After that, you will get to learn judo techniques at full force and speed. This means that during competition, or when you use your skills in real life, you will be ready.

Even if you are not in prime physical condition, you can still do Judo. Learning this art will help you quickly build strength and endurance, with less risk of injury than other martial arts.

Best of all, judo will help you gain control of your mind and command of your body. You learn to use timing and momentum to subdue your opponent, not brute force. It does not promote violence; judo promotes wisdom, self-control, and effective non-lethal reaction when faced with a problem.


Join us now!

Regardless of your age, male, or female, judo will help you discover your potential and gain the confidence you crave.

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What is Judo?

Judo is an exciting style of martial arts developed in late 19th century Japan. Ultimately, it teaches you how to control an opponent, and it teaches you a lot about yourself too. When translated, judo means "the gentle way," but don't let that term fool you! With judo, you will learn how to use timing and leverage to throw an opponent off-balance, and then utilize an array of holds, chokes, strangleholds, and armlocks to subdue him. Once you know the art, you will be ready to defend yourself and others --or at least be ready next time your mates try to take you down.

Maximum Efficiency -- Mutual Welfare and Benefit

Judo is for everybody, even you! Judo teaches you how to tap into your maximum efficiency to do amazing things, like flip a would-be assailant over your back. Studying judo is also excellent for your health, mind, and spirit. When you know your true potential, you are more positive, and a more productive person - hence the philosophy that judo should be studied by all for mutual welfare and benefit of society.

History of Judo

Doctor Jigoro Kano created Judo in 1882, in Japan. He wanted to create an art that promoted healthy competition with minimal injury, an advanced sport that anybody could learn. Drawing from the ancient art of Jujitsu, he eliminated kicking and punching and focused on developing movements that produced maximum results with minimum effort. The art focuses on proper falling, as well as stunningly fast throws, pins, chokes, and locks. In 1964, Judo emerged on the world stage as an Olympic Sport. Today,millions of people like you practice Judo for fun, fitness, and for overall self-improvement. Drop into a session and unlock your potential today!

About the club

Our heritage traces back to 1968. Father Mulvany founded the club in Watford, in St. Michaels Church. Originally, it was a British Judo Council Club.

Now it is operated by Ron Field, who has been with the club since 1973. Under his guidance, many have learned the art of Judo and tapped their true potential. Ron continues to guide students today,alongside four other instructors. Altogether, St. Michaels has five BJA accredited judo coaches to help you learn

Many great judokas have come through these doors and they remain open, inviting you to walk through.Drop in for a session and learn how to tap into your true potential with Judo.



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Meriden Center
Garsmouth Way
WD25 9ET
Coach: Ron Field, Alt Contact: Matt Chamberlain
Phone: 01923 443209 Alt: 01923 676774
Email: ronfieldstmichaelsjc@hotmail.co.uk

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